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Create a stair by assembling components for common runs, landings, and supports. Video: Creating a Switchback Stair. Architecture tab Circulation panel Stair. Topics смотрите подробнее this section About Stairs To create most stairs, you work in a stair assembly edit mode to add common and custom sketched components.

Stair Run Components When creating stairs, create a common run component in a plan or 3D view. Specify the Railing for a New Stair When creating a stair, you can specify the railing type to be added automatically. Create a Support Component Use the Support tool to add a side support to a stair. Sketching Stairs When creating a stair assembly, create a custom run or a landing component by sketching the shape. Modifying Stair Components When you create a stair, you can modify the individual components of the stair, including the runs, landings, and supports.

You can also make modifications to the entire stair, like changing the stair type or changing the location. Multistory Stairs Create a multistory stair from a stair by selecting the building autodesk revit tutorials 2018 free download. Multistory stairs automatically adjust if level heights change. Stair Documentation You can customize the representation of a stair, including the symbolic representation, annotation, and graphic display.

Stair Properties You can modify type autodesk revit tutorials 2018 free download and instance properties for the stair components created with the Stair tools.

Parent topic: Architectural Modeling. Related Tasks Cut a Shaft Opening. Related Information Ramps Railings.


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Download a free day trial of Revit software to produce consistent, coordinated, and complete model-based building designs and documentation. Learn how Revit can help you automate workflows and simplify work Watch free online AutoCAD classes and tutorials from Autodesk University. Free Download Full Book Mastering Autodesk Revit (PDF) Hands-on tutorials allow you to dive right in and start accomplishing vital.


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These lessons step through the process of creating a simple building model using Revit LT. The following image illustrates the resulting project that you create during the tutorials. Even if you are familiar with 3D modeling or other Autodesk software, watch the Essential Skills videos that are provided with Revit LT.

These videos describe how Revit LT works and where the indicated tools and interface elements are located. You can access the Essential Skills videos here.

A video is available for each tutorial. It is helpful to watch the video before performing the steps to get an overview of the workflow and procedures presented in the tutorial. Exercise files are available online for each tutorial in this series. For access to all of the exercise files, download this zip file and extract its contents. The instruction page for each tutorial indicates the files that are specific to that exercise. Tutorial Videos A video is available for each tutorial.

Exercise Files Exercise files are available online for each tutorial in this series. Topics in this section Part 1: Creating a Project and Adding Levels In this exercise, you start a project, and create levels for the foundation, lower level, entry level, and roof of the building model.

Part 2: Creating Walls In this exercise, you work on different levels to add foundation walls, as well as exterior and interior walls to the project. Part 3: Creating a Terrain and Building Pad In this exercise, you add a toposurface and a building pad to the building site. Part 4: Creating a Floor In this exercise, you create a floor on the lower level using the footprint of the exterior walls. Part 5: Creating a Roof In this exercise, you create a roof using the footprint of the exterior walls.

You specify an overhang value as you create the roof so that the roof has an overhang. Part 6: Placing Doors In this exercise, you load door types into the project, and then add interior and exterior doors to the model. Part 7: Placing Windows In this exercise, you work in elevation and plan views to add windows to the model. You use alignment and dimension tools to more precisely position the windows.

Part 8: Placing a Curtain Wall In this exercise, you change existing exterior walls to curtain walls. Part 9: Creating Stairs and Railings In this exercise, you complete the interior of the model by adding a staircase on the lower level, and then adding and modifying railings on the entry level.

Part Creating Views In this exercise, you create a section view, a callout view of the west wall, and a detail callout of the wall. Part Adding Dimensions In this exercise, you add dimensions to the building model to dimension the footprint of the main building, and the location of the feature wall relative to the building. Part Adding Notes In this exercise, you add text annotations to a plan view of the building model. Part Creating Sheets In this exercise, you create a sheet and add multiple views to the sheet.

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Submit Tutoorials above and press Enter to search. Let autodesk revit tutorials 2018 free download know if you have any questions while learning. Education support. These tutorials are designed for professionals, students and individuals приведенная ссылка are interested in using Revit for an architectural project. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hands-on tutorials allow you to dive right in and start accomplishing vital tasks, while compelling examples illustrate how Revit for Architecture is used in every project.

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