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Bandicam is one of the best facecam recorders for tutorial makers, Let’s Play video makers, and YouTubers. It couldn’t have escaped your notice that there are thousands of people on YouTube creating videos with their faces captured on the corner of the screen. Ever wonder how they do it? A facecam or face cam is a live recording of a face in an online video, such as Let’s Play videos, and it usually includes audio narration.

It has become the latest trend for YouTubers. To add a face to a video, people used to record their computer screen and webcam separately and merge the recorded videos through video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas.

However, with the rapid development of technology, you no longer need to join videos through video editing software. All you need to do is record your computer screen and facecam at the same time and upload the facecam videos directly to Youtube. Creating a facecam video and sharing it to YouTube will be a powerful way to demonstrate your knowledge, talent, experience, and even make money.

The facecam can be added to an online lecture , tutorial, webinar , PowerPoint presentation , video resume , and Let’s Play video. To add a facecam to your gameplay video, follow the steps below:. If you have a computer, webcam device, microphone, and screen recording program , you can make your own video tutorial and add your face to one corner of your video. To add a facecam to your tutorial video, follow the steps below:.

If you add a facecam in Bandicam, your webcam screen will appear as a rectangle by default. However, you may have seen the webcam shape look different in YouTube videos, tutorials, etc. With Bandicam, you can easily change the webcam shape to a square, circle, or ellipse. Click Advanced in the Recording settings, and set the desired shape, size, border blur effect, etc.

For example, when you select a circle, the webcam screen will turn into a circle. Iriun and DroidCam are programs that can turn your smartphone into a wireless webcam and microphone for your PC. Last Updated on May 20, , AM. Try Bandicam Screen Recorder! Chapters: What is Facecam? Download Bandicam Free.

How to use Chroma Key Webcam Overlay. Over 10 million people use our screen recording software. All rights reserved. Facebook Twitter YouTube Channel.


Facecam windows 10 –

Software Coupons. The facecam can be added to an online lecturetutorial, webinarPowerPoint presentationvideo resumeand Let’s Play video.


Facecam windows 10. Screen Recorder with Facecam: Capture Screen with Webcam on Windows 10/11 or Mac


Sometimes you may want to record your screen and webcam at the same time. This post introduces the top 8 free screen recorders that allow you to record screen and webcam simultaneously. Check the details below. MiniTool Video Converter comes with a built-in screen recorder letting you record screen and audio for free.

If you want to record your screen and record yourself from webcam at the same time, you can use a free screen recorder with Facecam. This post introduces the top 8 free screen recorder software that also supports recording webcam. Check the details and guides below.

Free Download. It has a web version that allows you to launch its free recorder directly in your browser to record your screen. This free screen recorder with Facecam lets you capture any area of your screen and lets you choose to add video from your webcam or audio narration from your microphone.

Its free edition lets you record unlimited videos and record up to 15 minutes per video. You can choose to capture your screen and webcam simultaneously to make a picture-in-picture effect. You can add stock music and captions to your recording, trim the video to cut the start and end part, upload video to YouTube, share video to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step 1. Go to the official website of Screencast to download and install its launcher. After it launches, you can select Both recording mode on its main UI to record both screen and webcam. Step 2. Next, select a resolution next to Size like p. Then move your mouse to the cross icon to drag the rectangle to the target recording area. You can also turn on the microphone recording next to Narration and turn on the Computer Audio recording option. This can record screen with audio and webcam at the same time.

Step 3. Click Stop button and click Done to end the recording. Then it allows you to play the video directly, choose to save the video file, edit the video, upload the video to YouTube, Google Drive, or Screencast-O-Matic, etc. This screen recorder program lets you record your screen with Facecam.

Before you start recording your screen, it lets you choose to record audio from computer speakers or microphone, record mouse movements, or record video from webcam. You can use the Facecam recording feature to record your face in game recording , etc.

It also allows you to take screenshots while recording. It records HD videos with no watermark. Download and install iFun Screen Recorder from its official website. Launch it on your Windows computer. Choose to record full screen or any selected area. Decide if you want to record webcam video, speakers audio, microphone audio, and mouse activity. To record screen and webcam simultaneously, you should connect a webcam to your computer and turn on the option of Webcam.

Then click the red REC button to start the recording. Click Stop button to stop the recording. Then you can further edit the video or simply save the video to your preferred place.

Bandicam is another top free screen recorder you might have heard. This program lets you capture anything on your PC screen in high-quality MP4. When you try to record your screen, it allows you to add a webcam video of yourself on the video you are recording. Check how to do it below. Click Video option in the left column to open the video settings window.

Next, select a recording module. Here we take recording screen as an example. You can click the rectangle screen recording icon at the top-left corner and select Fullscreen or Rectangle area. Then you can click the red REC button to start recording screen with webcam.

Another top free and open-source software that supports both screen and webcam recording is OBS Studio. It is available on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It also supports live streaming and has many features. Check how to add a webcam in OBS Studio below. Launch OSB Studio after you download and install it on your computer. Type a name for the new layer like webcam and click OK. Next, select the target webcam you want to add from the drop-down menu of Device. Select a resolution you want the device to record.

For more settings, you can uncheck Use Preset option. Click OK to save the changes. Debut Video Capture is an all-in-one video capture and screen recorder software. It lets you record your computer screen, streaming video, gameplay, and record from webcam and external devices. Its video overlay feature lets you record your screen and webcam simultaneously.

You can show both your screen and your face video at the same time. TinyTake is another top free screen recorder with Facecam. It allows you to record a video of your screen, record a video from your webcam, capture image from webcam. You can capture region, window, or full screen. You can also open, annotate and share an existing image or screenshot.

Screencastify is a free screen recorder for Chrome. It is an extension that you can add to your Chrome browser. Aside from screen recording, it also lets you embed your webcam into a recording of your entire screen. You can click the Screencastify extension icon to open the Recording Control Panel. Select the browser tab or Desktop recording option. Enable Embed Webcam and select your camera.

Then you can start a recording and you can see your webcam on the screen. You can click the Webcam icon to turn on or turn off the webcam recording whenever you want. If you want to record screen and webcam without downloading any software, you can use this program. Screen Capture is a free online screen recorde r that you can use in a browser.

If you visit its official website, you can see it offers a simple operation for recording. You can choose Webcam, Microphone, or Sound to record along with recording the screen. Its free version always has a watermark on your recording video. Click to Tweet. If you are looking for a top free screen recorder with Facecam, the 7 tools in this post are for your reference. If you only need to record screen and audio, MiniTool Video Converter is also a good choice.

It is free and clean, and without watermark. If you have any questions about using MiniTool Software products, please contact [email protected].

Video Converter. Download Video Converter. You can use it to record screen and audio simultaneously. Select any area of the screen to record.

Record anything on screen like movies, tutorials, video conferencing, and more. Record screen in HD MP4, etc. How do I record my screen with Facecam?

You can use a professional screen recorder that also supports Facecam recording to do the task. This post introduces 8 tools for your reference. How do I record my Android screen with Facecam? You can use some free screen recorder apps for Android to record screen with Facecam and audio.

You can freely adjust the Facecam window size and drag it to any position on your screen. What is the best screen recorder with Facecam? For Windows 10, this post lists the top 8 screen recorders with the support for webcam recording. How do I record my screen and webcam at the same time? You can use one of the 8 tools in this tutorial to record your screen and webcam simultaneously on Windows Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit.


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