Reader matter:

i’ve this feminine friend. She believes i’d make an B+/A sweetheart, but she says there is no spark. One night as we went partying, I decided to hug the lady. She kissed me personally in a significant method.

We discussed it 2 days later and she stated she just kissed because she was actually tipsy and she’d do not have kissed myself sober. That wound up in an argument because she was operating the same from exactly how she serves sober, and I also stated she most likely had a desire to kiss-me caused by how she kissed me straight back.

I apologized so we tend to be returning to regular.

Do you believe she comes dirty talk with stranger feelings personally? Must I hug the lady once again?

-Oliver (Caribbean)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:


This girl is fooling with your mind. Initially she insults you by saying you would certainly be a less-than-perfect sweetheart, immediately after which she says you happen to be just really worth kissing whenever she actually is inebriated.

I’d put her squarely inside the buddy region. And once you remove what fuel, see exactly how she responds.

If she’s playing hard to get to truly save the woman reputation, she’s going to need to comprehend that when you end following.

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